Mastering the Entrepreneurial Game with a French Touch: An Inspiring Journey of Resilience and Success

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Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our next guest. She is a woman who has taken the path less trodden and carved a niche for herself in an industry that is traditionally male-dominated. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome Elie, the CEO and founder of

Show notes

Elie is a French entrepreneur who started a Heel of Entrepreneurs in the US. She was inspired by her brother’s career in the hair industry and her own experience in modeling and fashion. She brings her unique French aesthetic into her business, which sets her apart from other marketing and PR agencies. She shared her entrepreneurial journey, starting from the creation of an empowerment page for entrepreneurs during the Covid-19 pandemic, which gradually evolved into a full-fledged marketing agency.

Elie described the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur, especially in closing deals and overcoming self-doubt. However, with positive feedback from clients and tangible results, she gained confidence. She also emphasized that making sales is not just about money but providing value and exchanging energy.

Elie criticized the myth of overnight success often portrayed on social media and reminded that success often takes years of effort. She also shared her experience of confidently navigating male-dominated industries, advising others not to let their gender deter them from their goals.

She is proud of working with small businesses and female entrepreneurs, especially when she can help them reach their revenue goals with limited marketing budgets. She has built a tight-knit community on Instagram, which provides mutual support and generates trust with potential clients.

She expressed her commitment to promoting more women in leadership positions, favoring collaboration over competition, and shared her plans to grow her community further. She also envisages her agency offering pop-up content creation services to support small businesses.

She shared her lessons from her journey: being consistent and persistent, working on your business while maintaining a stable income source, and learning from mistakes rather than dwelling on them. She emphasized the importance of taking action over excessive planning, believing in oneself, and investing in self-improvement and business growth.

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