Turning Setbacks into Startups: The Journey of A Systems Queen

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In this episode, Maryanne, founder of Systems Queen, shares her journey from being a laid-off corporate Salesforce Administrator to launching her own consultancy. She discusses the importance of goal-setting and the power of dreaming big, breaking large objectives into manageable tasks. Marianne speaks on the benefits and challenges of running an all-female team and advocates for greater support of women in tech. She details the services Systems Queen provides, like Salesforce expertise, email marketing, automation with tools like Zapier, and client journey mapping. She stresses the need for continuous learning and using resources like Google and Facebook groups to stay current with tech trends. The episode concludes with exciting news from Systems Queen, including the launch of a client journey mapping course, an affiliate program, and a summer contest for new clients.

Guest Bio

We have a very special guest with us today, someone who is transforming the way entrepreneurs do business with her innovative and strategic approach. Please join me in welcoming Maryanne, the founder and visionary behind The Systems Queens.

Maryanne started The Systems Queens with a clear mission – to help entrepreneurs build successful and sustainable businesses through effective systems and strategies. She recognized the common struggles faced by small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, who often lack the time, knowledge or resources to create robust systems. That’s where The Systems Queens steps in, offering practical, personalized solutions to streamline businesses.

With Maryanne at the helm, The Systems Queens provides a range of services, from business automation and digital marketing, to strategic planning and project management. The goal is simple: to empower entrepreneurs, free up their time, and help them focus on what they do best – growing their businesses.

Under Maryanne’s leadership, The Systems Queens has become a trusted resource for entrepreneurs seeking to build efficient, scalable businesses. Her innovative thinking and strategic approach have made her a leading voice in the business systems space. Today, we’re thrilled to have Maryanne on our podcast to share her journey, expertise, and invaluable tips for entrepreneurs.

So, without further ado, let’s extend a warm welcome to our guest, Maryanne, the founder of The Systems Queens. Welcome, Maryanne!

Show Notes

In this podcast episode, Maryanne, the founder of Systems Queen, shares her journey of starting her own business after being laid off from her corporate job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She talks about how she transitioned from being a Salesforce Administrator to starting her own consultancy, specializing in various cloud-based systems.

Maryanne emphasizes the importance of goal setting and not being afraid to dream big. She shares her approach to setting goals and breaking them down into smaller, manageable tasks. She also discusses the challenges and rewards of assembling an all-female team and the need for more support for female entrepreneurs, especially in the tech industry.

She highlights the range of services offered by Systems Queen, including expertise in Salesforce and other CRM systems, email marketing platforms, automation tools like Zapier, and client journey mapping. Marianne emphasizes the value of continuous learning and leveraging online resources like Google and Facebook groups to stay updated on the latest technology trends.

Maryanne concludes by sharing exciting updates about Systems Queen, including the launch of their first course on client journey mapping and their affiliate program. She also mentions an ongoing summer contest for new clients.

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