From Employment to Empowerment: Navigating the Journey of Relationship Psychology and Entrepreneurship

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Phoebe recounts her unexpected journey from being an employee to becoming a psychologist and entrepreneur. Initially content with employment, a desire for freedom and dissatisfaction with certain job aspects led her to start her practice. Networking played a crucial role in the growth of the practice. Phoebe also emphasized the importance of financial security and a practical approach when transitioning to a new venture.

Phoebe then delves into her specialization in relationship psychology, particularly helping women develop healthy relationships. This new venture operates more like coaching, focusing on pragmatic advice and group sessions. She also highlights the importance of flexibility, especially during the pandemic, and the transition to online platforms like Zoom. She stresses the significance of continuous learning, professional development, and the value of authenticity in her practice.

Phoebe discusses the challenges and rewards of running a business, including time management, the importance of marketing, and the significance of their business name, “At Home.” She emphasizes the importance of creating a comfortable, stigma-free environment for clients. She also shares their plans for the future, including expanding group offerings and possibly writing a book.

The episode concludes with Phoebe discussing her online program focused on helping women establish solid relationships. The program covers various aspects of relationships, from understanding family influences to emotional maturity and attachment styles. She emphasizes the importance of community and connection in the program

Guest Bio:

She’s a beacon of light in the realm of psychology, a trailblazer who has dedicated her life to making quality mental health resources accessible from the comfort of home. Ladies and Gentlemen, she is the CEO of At Home Psychology and The Relationship Space, the one, the only, Phoebe.

Now, Phoebe isn’t your average CEO. She has leveraged technology to bring counseling, therapy, and relationship coaching services right to your doorstep. Her goal? To make mental health services accessible, convenient, and most importantly, to normalize seeking help when we need it. So buckle up, listeners, as we journey into the mind of the innovator who is revolutionizing the mental health space – Phoebe.

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